SABIS Curriculum

SABIS Curriculum


  • SABIS® is a global education network that has a presence in 20 countries. Originally from Lebanon, SABIS® runs non-selective, co-educational schools providing English-medium instruction to students through a rigorous academic program with regular testing.
  • SABIS® schools are most commonly divided into Infant (K to Grade 2), Primary (Grades 3-6), Intermediate (Grades 7-9) and Secondary (Grades 10-12).


  • In Kindergarten, the focus is on literacy and numeracy with a mixture of classroom and specialist teachers. 
  • At the primary and intermediate levels, students are taught a range of subjects with English, Science and Mathematics as core subjects.
  • In the secondary level, students stay with core courses but can choose other courses that help them to prepare better towards their future interests.
  • SABIS® schools in Abu Dhabi offer one of two models:
    • Trilingual schools with Arabic, English and French.
    • A model, where students study Arabic and French as second and third languages depending on their passport/nationality.


  • In SABIS® Network schools, students take weekly computerized exams where they receive on-the-spot feedback and resources that enable them to review content on missed questions and then retake the test in the same session.
  • Assessments are centrally prepared, with all students in the same grade, sitting the same test at the same time in the UAE and Gulf region. Students complete weekly, termly and final, end of year examinations.
  • Career guidance commences in Grade 7 and supports students in making decisions on what external exams will be most beneficial for their university and career path. 
  • All students in Grades 3-9 studying the SABIS® curriculum must take any of the following assessments: NWEA-MAP®, GL-PT test series, ACER-ISA or EI-ASSET in English, Mathematics and Science.


All schools in the SABIS® network, are accredited by the following international agencies:

  • National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). 
  • Accreditation International (AI), which requires schools to complete a self evaluation, submit a plan for continuous school improvement, and participate in on-site evaluations by peers every five years to maintain their accreditation status.
  • Middle States Association - Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). 

Further Details

For more information on SABIS®, see the website here.