Charter Schools

Charter Schools

Charter Schools

About Charter Schools Project

Charter Schools is the outcome of a unique partnership between the government and the private sectors that provides a third education model in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This strategic partnership between the public and private sector stimulates an exceptional exchange of global experiences and supports the UAE national agenda to create a sustainable, knowledge-based and competitive economy. The Charter Schools project is one of the initiatives launched by the Abu Dhabi Government "Ghadan 21" Accelerator Programme, under its social pillar, which aims to develop and prepare students with the skills required to address future challenges and deliver the national vision.

Charter Schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

The Charter Schools project is dedicated to public school students based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and offers American based curriculums to kindergarten and cycle one, with more grades to be introduced as student’s progress in their educational journey.

In 2018, The Department of Education and Knowledge inaugurated Al Rayana School in Al Falah area as a pilot for the Charter Schools project, and at the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, the project expanded to 12 Charter Schools, nine of which are based in Abu Dhabi city and three in Al Ain city, check the table below to identify the nearest Charter School to your location.

Charter Schools in Abu Dhabi City

School Name Catchment Area Operator  School Phone   School Email IDs
Al Mushrif KG
Abu Dhabi Island  Aldar 02 310 5900
Mubarak Bin Mohammed School Abu Dhabi Island  Aldar 02 310 5800
Abdulla Bin Otaiba School Mohamed Bin Zayed City
 Aldar 02 310 5600
Al Budoor KG  Mohamed Bin Zayed City
 Aldar 02 310 5700
Al Danah School Mohamed Bin Zayed City
 Aldar 02 513 1300
Al Rayana School
Al Falah  Aldar 02 305 6999
 Al Rayana KG Al Falah  Aldar 02 305 6900
Al Nayfa KG
Al Falah  Taaleem 02 566 9013
Al Salam School Al Falah  Taaleem 02 566 9255
Al Walaa KG (New KG) Al Falah  Taaleem 02 566 9413
Al Watan School Shakhbout City  Taaleem 02 586 1282

Charter Schools in Al Ain City

School Name Catchment Area Operator  School Phone School Email IDs
Al Narjes School Ain Al Faydah Bloom 03 716 2800
Al Ghadeer KG Al Shuaibah Bloom 03 716 2700
Al Jana'en School Al Shuaibah Bloom  03 716 2600

Charter Schools Operators

Three private educational operators, Aldar Education, Bloom and Taaleem were identified based on their exceptional instructional practices, expertise, and efficiencies. These operators offer innovative learning practices and stimulating environments that will provide a truly transformational journey for students.

Charter Schools Locations Map