42 Abu Dhabi

42 Abu Dhabi



42 Abu Dhabi is the first coding school of its kind in the GCC with no classes; where innovation is the driving force behind a revolutionary program based on peer-to-peer learning. It guides you as you dive deep into the world of code.

By making coding education accessible to people from all walks of life, the school will contribute to Abu Dhabi’s vision for a tech-enabled future, where Abu Dhabi plays a prominent role in solving global challenges.

This program has been launched in line with the UAE-France strategic partnership and as part of the Ghadan 21 accelerator program.


What is the learning methodology at 42 Abu Dhabi?

42 Abu Dhabi is based on a gamified learning model:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Don’t worry about exams
  • No lectures and teachers
  • Work with your peers to gain XP and pass

Through collaborative learning, you will foster a tight-knit learning community that will prepare you for working in the real world. With 21 levels of mastery-based learning, you will advance as you master the skills required at each level. 

We believe the best way to learn is from each other; collaboration, communication, and problem-solving are only some of the fundamental skills you will learn through our peer-to-peer learning model.


How to join 42 Abu Dhabi school of coders?

There are 3 steps you need to follow to join the 42 Abu Dhabi school of coders:

  • Step 1: Pass the Online Game. Set up an account and test your logical thinking skills with 2 online games. You will not need to code at this stage but you will need a quiet space to concentrate for at around 1-2 hours. If you ace the games you will be invited to stage 2.

  • Step 2: Attend the Virtual Check-in. You will get to meet the staff and ask any questions. Here, we will validate your application, introduce you to the curriculum, and tell you about the 42 Abu Dhabi life.

  • Step 3: Survive the Piscine. We will be testing your motivation: treading water in The Piscine is not easy, but it is a fun and memorable way of finding out if you fit into the life of a 42 Abu Dhabi coder. In just four very intensive weeks, you will understand the learning model and dive head first into the deep end of coding with the rest of your peers. If you survive The Piscine, you will officially be enrolled to 42 Abu Dhabi.