“Program Your Idea” Competition

“Program Your Idea” Competition

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"Program your Idea" is an opportunity for students to apply their innovative thinking skills and to create a variety of applications including, but not limited to, educational games, science, cultural apps, mobile and web-based tools: all for learning purposes.


  • Design and implement applications that focus on topics such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).
  • Encourage interest in STEAM-based learning among UAE's youth by tapping into students’ natural passion for creative thinking.


The competition is team-based and includes four categories:

  • Scratch-based project for Cycle 1 (G1 to G4)
  • Scratch-based project for Cycle 2 (G5 to G8)
  • Scratch-based project for Cycle 3 (G9 to G12)
  • Code-based project open category (not limited to grade)

For Scratch-based categories, each team must consist of 2 to 3 students and one supervisor/teacher from the same school.

For Code-based open category; participants may participate as individuals or a team (made up of 2-3 students). Submissions for this category may use any coding language or platforms.

Participating in the Program

Scratch-based Categories

The maximum number of projects a school can submit is based on the number of students in the school as per the table below:

# of Students Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3
Less than 200 1 1 1
201 to 700 2 2 2
701 to 1500 3 3 3
More than 1500 4 4 4

You must submit projects as per the school cycles following the above criteria

For Example:

  1. Cycle 1 school with 500 students may submit up to 2 projects.
  2. Cycle 2 school with 1000 students may submit up to 3 projects.
  3. Common Cycle school with 800 students in Cycle 2 and 600 students in Cycle 3 may submit up to 3 projects for Cycle 2 and 2 projects for Cycle 3.

Total of 5 projects can be submitted

The Scratch programming tool is available at Scratch website.

Code-Based Open Category

For this category; participants may participate as individuals or a team (made up of 2-3 students). Submissions for this category may use any coding language (such as Java, C++, Python, HTML and Visual Basic) or platforms (such as mobile apps, desktop programs, web-based, hardware-based, robot, flash and multimedia applications).

The submission of projects for this category is regardless of their cycle. Each school may participate with only one project in this category.

Please conduct internal competition within your school to select the best project to be submitted for the Program Your Idea Competition.  


  • There will be 10 winning teams in each category.
  • The judges will select the top 3 projects in each category and rank them in first, second and third position on the final ceremony day.
  • Grand prizes await the winning teams in first, second and third place.
  • In each category, every individual from the winning team will receive an award in addition to the supervisor and school leader. Also, all winning students will receive medals and/or certificates.
  • High-value prizes will be distributed in the form of gifts (such as Mac Books, Laptops, 3D printer, iPad, Robots, educational kits, vouchers, trophy, medals etc.) based on the winning position.
  • Trophy awarded to the winning team may be displayed at the School afterward.


Registration in 2019/2020 round is closed.