Activity Platform

Activity Platform

Activity Platform by ADEK is an online portal where some of the leading edutainment providers and learning program creators showcase a wide range of fun and interactive activities for young children starting school, to young adults about to graduate university.

A new playground for the community, Activity Platform is designed to engage our youth in extra-curricular programs that will educate and entertain them through a diverse and immersive hub, created just for them.

The platform focuses around 4 key learning themes:

  • STEM & Innovation
  • Arts, Languages & Culture
  • Physical Education & Wellbeing
  • Enrichment

Under each theme, there are a variety of different learning programs and activities such as competitions, live sessions, virtual experiences, skill-up programs, a reading hub and even a gaming zone!

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How you can get involved as an learning partner

If you are an edutainment provider or learning program creator, contact us on to see how you can be included on Activity Platform.