ADEK: 24,471 profiles for all private school employees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are now available through ADEK’s newly introduced PASS

ADEK: 24,471 profiles for all private school employees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are now available through ADEK’s newly introduced PASS

5/5/2019 1:00:00 PM
Abu Dhabi
A total of 24,471 employees working in private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are now connected to the Private Schools Abu Dhabi Staff System (PASS), which has been created to verify detailed profile information and documents for each individual employee working in a private school, while obtaining approval from the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) to work in schools.
PASS Profiles for all private school employees

In efforts to provide detailed information on how to access PASS, ADEK has invited more than 400 staff representatives from across private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, the Al Ain and Al Dhafra Regions), to attend an awareness session on employees hiring policy, documentations required to be uploaded and the availability timeline for each type of application in PASS.

The friendly-user system includes information on existing, renewals, amendments, promotions, additional positions and external staff registration. Any employee working within the school or with a student has his/her full credentials clearly uploaded and documented via PASS.

“ADEK has now created its own staff appointment system for employees working in private schools. The whole idea is to ensure full credentials are available for each and every single employee who gets into contact with a student, either directly or indirectly. This system moves with the staff member whenever they decide to shift to a new role or school, thus eradicating the need to re-enter personal credentials or upload documents once again. Pass is also connected to ADEK’s current eSIS, thereby ensuring accuracy of information between both systems.

“Apart from creating transparency in details regarding all individuals working at a particular school, PASS helps facilitate the shifting, employment or renewal process for all employees working in private schools and capture all their information in one platform,” explained Eng. Majeda Easa Al Kait, Facilitation and Support Section Manager at ADEK’s Licensing Sector.

In addition to providing users with notifications and detailed information on ADEK’s employment eligibility criteria’s (years of experience, relevant license, specialization, and qualifications expected), PASS is integrated with other government entities, with clear indications on the approval processes regarding different specializations, including principals, vice principals, head of faculty, classroom assistants, teacher assistants, teachers in training, interim teachers, social workers, , and the list goes on. PASS also recently includes external employees like bus drivers, cleaners, security guards, doctors, and nurses in the system.

“PASS also consists of all types of professional and personal documents concerning employees, some of which includes his/her Emirates Identification number, passport number, educational certificates, UAE certificate of equivalency and certificate of experience. All documents are bilingual (Arabic and English), thus providing a convenient and reliable platform for all users concerned,” affirmed Eng. Majeda.

During the workshop, staff representatives from across private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi were offered articulate training on the type of documentations required and when to use the services on PASS in case the following is required: amendment, external staff, additional position, promotion, existing staff, new staff and transfer staff. Even additional responsibilities required out of a particular employee need to be clearly mentioned and documented on PASS.

“ADEK’s aim is to ensure a smooth and transparent process is in place for all schools, while raising the recruitment rate within a short time frame. Our partnership with schools is of pivotal importance. It is through you that our children thrive, grow and become tomorrow’s healthy future generation. Aiming to facilitate the use of the system, ADEK will be dedicating one day each week for face-to-face support for the rest of the academic year,” announced Eng. Majeda.