ADEK Charter School to Pilot a.i. ‘Smart School’ Technology to Secure Safety & Health Protection

ADEK Charter School to Pilot a.i. ‘Smart School’ Technology to Secure Safety & Health Protection

5/26/2021 2:00:00 PM
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Department of Education & Knowledge (ADEK) has announced plans to implement advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) and ‘smart school’ technology multi-systems across its 15-strong network of Charter Schools in the Emirate in partnership with SenseTime.

  • Pilot at Jabel Hafeet School in Al Ain aims to prelude customized A.I. solutions being rolled out across ADEK’s Charter Schools’ community
  • Motion sensors, facial recognition technology and crowd management monitoring systems will alert school operators to disruptive behaviour, bullying, potential health risks and non-compliance of Covid-19 protocols

The multi-faceted smart school tech will utilise cutting-edge motion sensors, facial recognition technology, crowd management monitoring and augmented reality features to secure safer and healthier school environments. 

With the game-changing suite of A.I. powered solutions capable of signalling early alerts of disruptive behaviour or bullying, as well as tracking compliance to health standards, including Covid-19 prevention measures, the technology will be piloted at Al Ain’s Jabel Hafeet School for the start of the new academic year in September. 

Subject to the success of the pilot project, the technology is planned to be deployed gradually across Charter Schools starting from the middle of the 2021/22 academic year.

“With the Charter Schools mandate focused on student centricity, our goal is to constantly enhance and positively impact school environments and operations. Schools are inherently complex environments due to multiple sub-environments co-existing in one setting. We also cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to the wellbeing, health and safety of our students; so the integration and implementation of A.I.-driven smart technology is an obvious choice due to its cost-effectiveness and availability,” explained Her Excellency Khuloud Al Dhaheri, ADEK’s Executive Director - Education Partnerships Sector. 

The tailored technology multi-system will be delivered by a sophisticated network of advanced IP motion sensors integrated across Jabel Hafeet Charter School’s existing CCTV infrastructure to ensure ongoing community adherence to ADEK’s holistic Charter School Reopening Compliance Program, which governs reopening policy across the emirate’s Charter Schools.

In addition to negating unlawful entry to schools, the technology will manage attendance of registered students, teachers and staff when they enter and leave the school. By utilising advanced facial recognition technology, the technology will also aid ongoing adherence to social distancing protocols by monitoring the number of people in restricted areas such as labs, the dining hall, corridors, kid’s waiting areas and the auditorium. 

With the system also enabling contactless access control to maintain a safe and hygienic environment across the school, additional features cater for people tracking, companion analysis, crowd management and heat-map technology to identify areas and people in contact with a potential Covid-19 case, heightening the speed and efficiency of the school’s response. 

Through additional features modelled for ADEK, the technology can also identify student behaviour to enhance bullying prevention efforts, gauge student sentiment to ensure educators can customize initiatives and plans to optimise wellbeing in schools and support online education through interactive and immersive student experiences.

“The potential applications we could develop as we progress this technology are extensive. We will actively monitor the pilot project, its phased implementation and anticipated outcomes, as we continue to look to deliver standards of excellence in the provision of ever safer and healthier learning environments for all”, explained Al Dhaheri.

Jabel Hafeet School is among 15 ADEK Charter Schools across Abu Dhabi. A successful third education model that is regionally unique to the emirate, Charter Schools are the outcome of strategic public and private sector partnerships which provide American-based curriculum to stimulate exceptional learning experiences for school students in kindergarten to cycle one, with more grades set to be introduced as students progress their educational journeys.