Health and Safety Requirements

Health and Safety Requirements

To ensure the health and safety of all children attending nurseries in Abu Dhabi, The Department of Education and Knowledge has identified specific requirements that all operators of nurseries must comply with.

Nurseries must maintain a healthy and safe environment throughout the nursery building at all times. Nursery buildings must also contain indoor and outdoor spaces that are suitable for the number and ages of children, furthermore, nurseries should meet the health and safety requirements and all staff members should be aware of the importance of adhering to the requirements and the impact it has on the learning environment in the nursery.

Health and safety requirements for nurseries in Abu Dhabi are classified into three main areas:

The Site

  • The nursery must be located in a quiet area away from loud noise where children are not exposed to any danger on their way to school nursery, while at school nursery or on their way back home.
  • The site location of the nursery must be appropriate, close to other buildings and must be situated in a healthy environment.

The Building

  • The nursery must be established on the ground floor or the first floor of an apartment building. The nursery could also be situated in villas consisting of one or two floors at most.
  • The building should be in good condition and must meet the hygienic conditions and equipped with the necessary fire-fighting gears.
  • A certificate must be obtained from the municipality indicating that the building is appropriate and in good condition to operate as a nursery in Abu Dhabi
  • The space of the building and the number of its rooms must accommodate the specified number of children attending the nursery.
  • The building rooms, play areas and other facilities should be divided and clarified according to certain metrics and set standards.
  • Each room must include windows and clean carpeting, while general hygiene should be maintained at all times.

Health Rights of the Child

The provision of a healthy learning environment for children is considered one of the priorities that the Department of Education and Knowledge is working on applying and monitoring across all nurseries in Abu Dhabi. In view of that, the Department considers “Wadeema” Law as a key reference when identifying the guidelines and procedures that guarantee the health rights of children, clearly defined in its fourth chapter.

In line with chapter 4 of Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 also knowns as “Wadeema”, the following are some of the guidelines and requirements that nurseries in Abu Dhabi must comply with to ensure a healthy environment for children in nurseries.

  • To take all the necessary precautions that prevent pollution hazards and the spreading of diseases, and employ the necessary measures to deal with infected children
  • To take preventative measures and play an active role in raising the awareness in the areas of child health and nutrition, the benefits of breast feeding, prevention of diseases, accidents, the harm caused by smoking, set the policies and programs necessary in this regard.
  • To take the necessary action to prevent and protect the child from the use of drugs, intoxicants and stimulants and all types of psychotropic substances, or the contribution in the production, promotion or trading of it.
  • Support the school health system in the field of prevention, treatment and health guidance.
  • To take the necessary action in the prevention of infectious, dangerous and chronic diseases and to provide necessary vaccinations and immunizations.
  • To develop programs related to the training of mother and child healthcare workers and prepare them to achieve the objectives of this law.
  • To carry out psychological care including mental, social and linguistic development of the child.
  • To take the necessary measures for the early detection and diagnosis of children with disabilities and chronic diseases.