Our Journey

Our Journey


  • Established as an advisory council.
  • Provided education policy advice to the Government of Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center.


  • Took ownership of the education system in Abu Dhabi from MOE.
  • Education policy agenda.
  • ADEC ten-year strategic plan (2009-2008).


  • Embarked on an ambitious journey to dramatically reform the education system in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi New School Model).
  • Improved school infrastructure.
  • Equipped all schools with state-of-the-art technology, improved teaching quality across all levels.
  • Enhanced skills of the national faculty and teacher quality (professional development).
  • Elevated school performance.


  • Education transformation: innovation, STEM/STEAM.
  • The unified UAE school inspection framework roll-out.
  • Moving towards excellence: Teacher licensing internal awards for schools.
  • ADEK’s Strategy Refresh.
  • Expanding role: Early childhood education and care.
  • Alignment of the AD education system with the Federal education system under the Emirati School Model (ESM.
  • Abu Dhabi Education Stream Strategy.


  • Build an attractive education environment to make Abu Dhabi a pioneer regional and international Education hub.
  • Enhance the quality of Education outcomes in all levels and for all learners.
  • Enhance of education outcomes to meet Abu Dhabi labor market needs and socio-economic priorities.
  • Provide distinctive and appropriate opportunities for all learners to access education services.
  • Developing an efficient and effective ecosystem of education research.