ADEK reveals details of the Education Partnership Schools EPS programme

ADEK reveals details of the Education Partnership Schools EPS programme

6/20/2019 1:00:00 PM
Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) started implementing the “Education Partnership Schools” (EPS) programme, a project that serves the fundamental objectives of the emirate's educational future goals, and creates a third education system which is successfully implemented in different countries.
ADEK reveals details of the EPS

Under the general framework of the project, the responsibility of educational and administrative supervision on the selected schools - for the first phase of the project from kindergartens to Cycle One - in Abu Dhabi, will be assigned to a number of leading private sector operators, according to contractual terms from the The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

The project will bring many benefits that will reflect positively on the educational system components, specially the students, the project aims at building a new generation that copes with the future and scientific developments, and creating an innovative environment which will enable them to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and innovation world, taking in consideration the diverse aspects of the student's personality at each stage.

Teachers and administrators will also benefit from the training courses and workshops that come with EPS programme. Furthermore, ADEK is planning other continuous development initiatives which will help enhance their teaching skills and create new opportunities in their careers.

EPS programme is dedicated to UAE national students and other students like them, who live in the same residential domain of the concerned school, while the currently enrolled students in the new academic year for the below mentioned schools, will continue without having to re-enroll again, and as for the new registered students, they shall follow the normal registration process used in the public schools, parents of the students residing within the same residential domain of the EPS schools, have to personally visit the school to complete the registration process as per the official registration intervals approved by the Ministry of Education in UAE.

The registration at EPS programme schools will be the same as normal registration process for the public schools, and will not require any additional documents, also there will be no specific frame time to get a response back on the submitted applications, however the school administration will contact the applicant for further actions.

Applications are accepted only if the student fulfills all of the admission process requirements, in addition to the ability of the school to provide the necessary support to the student.

The first phase of EPS is set to provide 15,000 seats this coming academic year across 12 public schools, nine of which are based in Abu Dhabi City.

The assigned schools will offer education for kindergarten and Cycle One, these schools will be: Rawdat Al Mushrif school (Kindergarten), Mubarak bin Mohammed School (Grade One - Grade Four) in Abu Dhabi island, Abdullah Bin Ateibah School (Kindergarten One - Grade Four), Rawdat Al-Budour (Kindergarten) and Al-Dana School (Kindergarten) in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Rawdat Al-Nayefah school (Kindergarten), Al Salam School (Grade One – Grade Four – Grade five, for girls) and Al-Rawda Al -Gadeda school in Al-Falah area, Alwatan school (Kindergarten) in Shakhbut city.

There are also three schools in Al Ain, these schools will be: Al-Narjis School (Kindergarten One - Grade Four) in Ain Al Faydah, Rawdat Al-Ghadeer School (Kindergarten) and Al-Janaeen School (Kindergarten 1 - Grade Four) in Al Shabia area.

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