Resolution NO. (199) in 2019

Resolution NO. (199) in 2019

The Ministry of Education issued the Ministerial Resolution No.199 in 2019, regarding the System of Equivalency of Private Schools Certificates in the Transition Period (the time from when the decree was issued) until the end of the Academic year 2020/2021. The decree provides details about applicable equivalency conditions for all international academic programs.

The decree applies to the private schools in the UAE, which are listed below:

1- Schools applying the Ministry curriculum.
2- Schools applying the American system.
3- Schools applying the British system.
4- Schools applying the International Baccalaureate system.
5- Schools applying the Canadian system.
6- Schools applying the Australian system.
7- Schools applying the French Baccalaureate system.
8- Schools applying other curricula.

For more details about the resolution, please click on the link below.