Customer Happiness Charter

Customer Happiness Charter

The objective of the customer happiness charter is to identify the key responsibilities of the customer happiness personnel and the customers themselves, in order to guarantee an outstanding customer experience and continually improve it.

Customer Happiness Employee Values

  • We are committed to excellence through the continuous improvement in service delivery, and to achieve that we are guided by our fundamental values and standards of excellence in service delivery to meet the changing needs of our customers, as follows:

Customer Centricity

  • I make every effort to treat the customer as s/he desires with dignity, respect and fairness while striving to build and maintain strong relationships with the customers and that is by providing a unique service to them.

Credibility and Empowerment

  • I understand my role in representing the Entity and delighting customers, and I am empowered to proactively and immediately own and fulfill their needs.

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • I continuously seek opportunities where I can assist my colleagues and contribute to creating a work environment that motives team performance, so that customers’ needs are always met in due time.

Continuous Improvement

  • I make every effort to support, encourage and explore opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

What is Expected of Us


  • We will treat you with respect and gentleness in a cheerful manner.
  • We will deal with any issue that may arise in the service provided to you with confidentiality.


  • You will be dealt with by employees who are knowledgeable and capable of answering all of your queries.


  • We will respond to all your inquiries in a timely manner.
  • We will provide you with all the requirements needed for each service and dates of completion.
  • We will facilitate the process of contacting us, and we will respond to your feedback on our services in a timely manner with no delay.


  • We will focus on providing you with an excellent service in an efficient, organized and transparent manner.
  • We will work on meeting your expectations of the service provided.


  • We will seek to make our services accessible to our customers at times that are convenient, and via channels that are suitable to everyone.
  • We will seek to decrease the number of interactions required with Customer Service employees in order to complete your service request.


  • We will provide high quality and excellent services that will enrich the lives of our customers.

What We Expect from You

  • To appreciate our employees’ efforts and treat them with mutual respect and recognition.
  • To provide all the documents required so we can deliver our services in a timely manner.
  • To notify us immediately of any mistakes made by us or by you in the course of providing the service.
  • To notify us of any modifications in your personal information relevant to the service provided.
  • To respond to our employees’ inquiries so they can provide you with an excellent service.

Feedback and Contact Information

Customer opinions and feedback are highly valued by the Government of Abu Dhabi. All suggestions to enhance service efficiency and effectiveness are welcome through Abu Dhabi Government Contact.

Center on the following number: 800 555