“Lema?” offers entertaining & interactive classroom workshops to inspire future leaders and strengthen their capabilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With the support of its Platinum Sponsor, Mubadala, “lema?” has reached more than 150,000 students in private and public schools across Abu Dhabi since its launch in 2012.


  • Support ADEK’s educational reform agenda, the Abu Dhabi Plan and the UAE National Innovation Strategy.
  • Help to cultivate and nurture the talent of the Emirate’s future scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage student between the ages of 6 and 11 to develop their knowledge in STEM programs, if children express an interest in STEM subjects at this age, they are much more likely to pursue a career in a related field later in life.


Grades 3 to 5

  • Radio Studio Workshop: exploring the science of sound and broadcasting messages to the cosmos.
  • Body Builders Show: a tour of our organs, their roles and the importance of healthy eating.
  • LEGO Mind-storms Challenge Workshop: explores the exciting world of robotics and why they are useful through fun challenges.

Grades 6 and 7

  • The Secret of Space Show: traveling the vast expanse of the universe in our very own mobile planetarium.
  • Prepare for Take-off Show: a thrilling journey through the science of flight – launch a hot-air balloon, fire a jet-engine piston and explore the fuels of the future.
  • LEGO Mind-storms Advanced Workshop: enter the extraordinary world of space-based robotics and learn to program your own robots.