Registration Requirements

Registration Requirements

The Department of Education and Knowledge has identified specific procedures for the registration of children in nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

Registration of children takes place directly at the nursery without the need to refer back to the Department of Education and Knowledge, thus each nursery in Abu Dhabi can identify its own admission policies that are in line with the laws and regulations identified by the Department.

Below are the main requirements for registering a child in a nursery in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Registered children should not be above 4 years of age.
  • Registration form (including the - name of the student, nationality, date of birth, date of enrollment, residence address and telephone numbers).
  • A copy of the United Arab Emirates Identification Card.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • In addition to any other documents requested by the nursery.

Note: The original Emirates ID of the child should also be presented during registration.

Registration fees in nurseries

Enrollment fees may vary in each nursery in Abu Dhabi, depending on the services and facilities offered. Each nursery can determine its own fees while complying with the rules and provisions of the law, taking into consideration the following:

Nurseries must submit their fees or apply for increases to fees to the Department of Education and Knowledge for approval during the period from January to the end of April of each year. If granted approval, the fees will be applied as of the month of September of the same year.

Nurseries must inform parents of increases in fees before the month of June of each year; three months prior to the application of the increment as mentioned above.

Nurseries cannot apply for a fee increase request until they have been in operation for three years, or until three years have passed since its last increment approval.

In any case, all nurseries operating in Abu Dhabi must abide by the provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. (57) of 2016 on nursery fees.