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Community Support


Childcare for Priority Staff

Priority Staff

Priority staff are staff whose on-campus presence is required to carry out their work (i.e. teachers giving face-to-face courses, etc.).

Schools may choose to allow school-aged children of priority staff (including children enrolled in other schools) on school premises if no other childcare solution can be arranged.


Rules Concerning Childcare of Priority Staff

Staff are strongly advised to seek alternative childcare arrangements for school-aged children. This is to cater to staff who need to be onsite but whose school-aged children may be at home that day/week if their school has opened with a partial model.

Children between the ages of 0-4 are prohibited from priority staff childcare at the school, and should be enrolled in a licensed nursery.

Schools shall rigorously maintain the separation of children within this “childcare group” with any other student groups on campus that day. These groups will be mixed across grades and thus should be kept as stable as possible from day to day, with daily attendance logged.

These groups must be supervised, and social distancing, PPE, and hygiene rules are to apply in the spaces accommodating these children.

Parents are responsible for bringing their children’s lunch, as well as any device (and non-distracting accessories, i.e. earphones) required for their children to engage in that day’s distance learning program.