Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning


Cleaning, Disinfection, & Sanitization 

Classroom Assistant Recruitment

Schools may hire additional classroom assistants as needed to meet the needs of social distancing during the school day, provided that these recruitments comply with Policy 25 and updated Policy 26 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-15.

Additional Staff for Health Services

Schools may hire additional health services staff (doctors or nurses), or make arrangements for emergency care with local hospitals at their own discretion, provided that any such recruitment complies with the rules (see Guidance for School Clinic Staff under Incident Management and Emergency Readiness) of this document, and guidance provided in Policy 64 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-15.

Guidance on Appointment Letters for New Teachers/Teaching Assistants

Schools may have to recruit additional faculty (teachers or teaching assistants) to meet the new operational requirements of reduced class sizes.

Schools shall select suitable candidates that meet their requirements in line with the guidance for transitional arrangements for teaching faculty appointment set out in Policy 25 and updated Policy 26 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-2015.

ADEK shall issue appointment letters in accordance with Policy 25 and updated Policy 26 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-2015.

Schools are legally responsible to ascertain the authenticity of the candidate and the documents provided.

Recruitment for Learning Support/Inclusion Assistants must demonstrate clear consideration of the qualification and experience of the candidate in working with Students of Determination in accordance to updated Policy 26 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-2015. A comprehensive induction process should be delivered which covers all aspects of any Risk Assessment and IEP in place.

Policy on Renewal of Teacher's Appointment Letters

ADEK will continue to renew teachers’ appointment letters subject to requests, approvals and due diligence by schools.

Addressing Staffing Needs and Student-Teacher Ratios Based on New Classroom Grouping

Schools shall make alternative plans for managing student caseload and teacher workload in case existing teachers fall under the at-risk group, are unwell, are self-isolating due to risk of possible COVID exposure.

Teacher Professional Development

As part of the school’s preparedness for delivering learning in a face-to-face as well as distance learning modes, teachers must be provided with professional development on IT and online learning and diagnosing and managing students' social-emotional needs.

Within IT and online learning, suggested training could focus on the following topics: particular online platforms that the school uses, navigating and using e-learning tools, online safety for teachers and their students, good pedagogical practices for online instruction, and managing online and face-to-face learning without double-planning.

Teachers will also have an important role in supporting students’ wellbeing during the return to school and continuation of learning in the new normal. To this end, schools shall offer resources and sessions on teacher’s own wellbeing, identifying students’ social emotional needs and supporting students with strategies to cope with the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic.

Guidance on Contracts and Visas (New and Renewals) for Teachers Working Remotely Due to COVID-19 Immigration Restrictions

As per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), the issuance of new work permits has been suspended since 19 March 2020.

As per the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), residence visas that expired in March 2020 will be extended to December 2020.

Any changes to the above will be announced by the relevant authorities at a later date, and ADEK will duly inform schools of any new procedures.