Framework for Policies and Guidelines

Framework for Policies and Guidelines

ADEK’s framework for the reopening of schools is based on ensuring the safest possible environment – but one that is also mindful of the fact that schools have a mission to educate and to holistically support everyone involved in that mission.

The policies and guidelines have therefore been framed around four dimensions: safe operations, teaching and learning, staff and student wellbeing, and community support.

In addition, all the policies and guidelines related to general safety in in this document have been underpinned by the three basic preventive measures:

Preventive Measures

In the fight against COVID-19, practicing preventive measures is both a personal and an organizational responsibility. Schools must educate all members of their community that in addition to implementing organizational changes, each member must also play their part in preventing the spread of infection by remembering the three preventive measures:

Social Distancing

Social distancing is defined as leaving sufficient physical space between two people to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Individual: Leave sufficient space between oneself and others at all times.
  • School: Organize school time and space to minimize interactions between people.

Protective Equipment

Protective equipment are physical barriers that help reduce the risk of infection.

  • Individual: Wear masks, face shields, etc. according to age and function.
  • School: Install appropriate equipment, screens, partitions, etc.


Hygiene refers to practices that maintain health and prevent infection.

  • Individual: Stay home when ill, wash hands frequently, sneeze into tissue or elbow, open doors with forearms or back if opening a swinging door, etc.
  • Schools: Regularly disinfect and clean all frequently used areas.

When schools reopen for the Academic Year 2020/21, it is expected that these preventive measures will become second nature to the entire school community.