Private School Reopening

Private School Reopening


The safety of our children, staff and school community is a top priority for us, and has been the core consideration in bringing children back to the physical classroom.

This page provides our Abu Dhabi education community with the Policies and Guidelines for School Reopening, the Parents Guide to School Reopening, and a set of regularly updated frequently asked questions.


Parents Guide to Navigating the Academic Year 2020/21

As a follow-up to the Parents Guide to School Reopening, we are issuing this new guide, filled with valuable insights, reminders and recommendations, enabling you to support your children’s education effectively during the Academic Year 2020/21.


Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines

To view the latest updates on School Reopening Policies and Guidelines, click on "View policy" below (updated on 24 August 2020).

You may also download the original version of the Policy and Addendum released on 20 July 2020. However, please note that some sections within these documents have been updated. You can click on the "View Policy" button to view these updates.


Parents Guide to School Reopening

ADEK has worked extensively with schools, parent representatives, teachers and federal policymakers to develop guidelines to ensure a safe return to school for our children. This guide provides you with essential information to prepare you and your children for their return to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 23 August 2020