Safe Operations

Safe Operations

Pre-Return Requirements for Individuals 

Prior to returning to school physically, all staff and students must complete the requirements outlined below

Staff and students who will continue to stay home are not subject to these requirements. If they need to enter the school premises at any point, however, they will be subject to the latest vaccination and PCR test requirements, unless otherwise stated according to the purpose of their visit (i.e. sitting exams).

These are subject to change based on the latest guidelines from relevant authorities. ADEK will communicate these changes to schools via circulars. 

Student Physical Return Declaration Form 

The purpose of this form is for parents/legal guardians to declare their consent for the student to physically return to school and to make all parties aware of their obligations (i.e. daily screening for symptoms, staying home if unwell, declaring travel, etc.). 

Medical Risk Undertaking Form

The purpose of this form is for staff and students to declare whether they have any medical conditions classified as high-risk in relation to COVID-19, to acknowledge that they understand the risk associated with physically returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic and to take full responsibility for their decision to return. 

In the case of high-risk individuals, a physician’s letter stating that the staff or student is fit to physically attend school shall be submitted alongside the form.

Travel Declaration Form

The purpose of this form is to inform schools if any students and/or staff have traveled internationally prior to returning to school and to declare that they have completed the required quarantine protocols determined by Abu Dhabi (even if returning to Abu Dhabi via another Emirate).

PCR test results are required for all students aged 4 and above who have travelled internationally. Students aged 4-11 have the option of taking either a saliva-PCR or a nasopharyngeal-PCR test .

In addition to submitting the travel declaration form prior to the new academic year, staff and students shall submit a new form every time they travel internationally during the school year.

Individual Risk Assessment for Students of Determination

Students of Determination shall be considered on an equitable basis as all other students.

A risk assessment shall be conducted for each Student of Determination, whose needs exceed that of their peers and for whom a personalized approach to learning is an integral aspect of their education due to either a cognitive, behavioral, developmental, physical or emotional need; or a combination of these.

A member of staff familiar with the needs of the student, in most instances, the Head of Inclusion/Special Educational Needs Coordinator (or equivalent), shall develop the risk assessment in conjunction with the designated Health & Safety Officer and Senior Leadership Team, for approval by the principal, who holds ultimate responsibility.

Parents/guardians shall equally be involved in the development of the risk assessment for their child.

The purpose of this risk assessment is to determine whether it would be safer for the pupil to return to school physically during the ongoing COVID-19 situation, to access a blended approach to learning, or to be educated at home via distance learning.

The risk assessment will be reviewed on a periodic basis as deemed appropriate, or as required based on the changes to practice and any evolving scenarios.

The risk assessment will inform the IEP. Furthermore, unless already included in the IEP, a clear and concise Student Profile should be available to all staff, which communicates the essential needs of the student such as their communication, physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional needs as relevant and as appropriate to the personal rights of the Student of Determination.

Pre-Return PCR Testing

Guidance on details such as age eligibility, test types, schedules, and locations will be communicated with schools closer to the start of the academic year.


See Health Requirements for Entry for details.