Staff and Student Wellbeing

Staff and Student Wellbeing


Student Engagement/Citizenship

Advice on School-Based Programs and Projects to Improve Hygiene/Information Availability/Awareness/Solutions for Everyday Problems Caused by COVID-19

Schools shall dedicate time to teach about and demystify COVID-19, its misconceptions, and how students as individuals play a part in limiting the spread of disease by practicing the 3 preventive behavioral measures (social distancing, wearing PPE, and enforcing good hygiene).

Whenever appropriate, schools shall integrate COVID-19 as an educational theme across subjects to embed real-life context into student learning (i.e. languages, science, math, current events, history, geography, etc.).

Schools shall create collaborative projects to engage students in trying to find solutions for everyday problems caused or related to COVID-19, including suggestions for how to improve conditions within the school.