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Last update: 24 August 2020

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- Student Attendance

Student Attendance

Parents may choose the learning mode (whether their children will return to school for face-to-face learning or continue distance learning) for the coming term.

Parents shall be given 2 weeks to commit to a learning mode for the term.

If parents choose to send their child to school physically, they will need to sign a physical return declaration that they will not do so if their child displays any COVID-19 symptoms

Only Cycle 1 students (KG1-Grade 5) may resume face-to-face classes for the first 4 weeks (due to new phasing requirements) if the school has obtained a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from ADEK. Students in Cycle 2 and above will continue distance learning only until further notice.

Students are exempt from physically returning to school for the term if their parents have opted for continued distance learning, or if they have high-risk health condition, in which case they may only return with authorization from ADEK (see Health Requirements for Entry under Requirements for Entry). Students that are isolating due to possible exposure are also considered temporarily exempt.

All students shall return to school as per their school’s published academic calendar for 2020/2021.

Students with any high-risk health conditions may be exempted from returning to school upon submission of a medical certificate attesting the medical condition (further details will be announced in conjunction with relevant authorities).

Exempt students are still required to attend classes remotely via distance learning.

Where Students of Determination follow a distance learning mode due to their increased vulnerability or the inability of the school to provide the appropriate measures to ensure safety, they must be provided with all learning materials to enable their academic, emotional, and behavioral progress. Parents and students must be provided with support to access the learning materials which should all be appropriately differentiated according to needs and levels. Their attendance will be marked accordingly.

Student Absence

These policies should be read in conjunction with the Policy 54 and Policy 55 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-15.

Schools shall develop a system by which students at home can “check-in” every day to keep track of attendance.

Attendance is compulsory during all modes of learning (face-to-face or distance learning). A student is marked absent if they fail to attend classes.

  • An absence is only authorized for the following reasons, confirmed by a signed letter from Parents/Guardians or by way of official documents to attest for the full duration of the absence:
  • Illness
  • Death of a first- or second-degree family member
  • Scheduled doctor appointments
  • Official community task o Mandatory appearance before an official body
  • Essential urgent family travel for matters such as medical treatment or the death of a family member

Schools shall immediately communicate with parents following an unauthorized absence or a cumulative absence rate of 10% or more.

Schools shall collect and maintain accurate attendance records for all students.

Parents shall notify the school in advance of any planned absences and submit the required documentation.

Where exemption to return to school is granted to any Student of Determination to ensure their health and safety or that of other students, staff, and community members, schools shall provide clear and comprehensive educational provision to ensure their ongoing academic, social, behavioral and emotional progress during distance learning. All decisions must consider the needs of the child and their parents and all efforts must be made to accommodate the Student of Determination appropriately.

Staff Absence

School staff shall attend the full workday as per the school’s calendar in accordance with the official contracted work hours.

Upon consultation and agreement with the school, the continuation of remote work for certain staff may be necessary for health reasons. Staff with any high-risk health conditions (details will be announced at a later time in conjunction with relevant authorities) must submit a medical certificate attesting the medical condition.

School staff must inform the school in advance of their absence, when possible, to allow for planning that will ensure continuity of learning for students.

“Stay Home When in Doubt” Policy

Any member of the school community feeling unwell and/or exhibiting any COVID-19 associated symptoms should stay home. They will not be permitted to enter the school’s premises or will be isolated according to the incident management protocol if their illness should be evident during the day.

Medical clearance is required to return to school premises following a period of physical absence.