Community Support

Community Support


Parental Engagement

Guidance for Parents of Students who are Distance Learning

Schools shall maintain regular contact with parents of students who have opted for distance learning to ensure they feel supported in managing their child(ren)’s continued distance learning.

Schools are highly encouraged to conduct virtual open houses to allow distance learning student to virtually “visit” their school grounds.


Guidance for Schools to Engage Parents in Students' Remote Learning and Mental Wellbeing

With some form of distance learning continuing at least over the next term, schools shall actively involve parents in the distance learning process.

Schools shall collect and update the parents’/guardians’ contact information (email and phone).


ADEK's Policy on Receiving Complaints

ADEK will continue to operate its parent helpline at +971 56 377 1833, to look into complaints that callers may make regarding non-compliance with Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines, or any other concerns.