Safe Operations

Safe Operations

Entry Requirements

Authorized Persons

The following persons are authorized to enter the school premises, provided they meet the health requirements for entry:

  • Enrolled Students
  • School staff
  • Visitors (i.e. parents, contractors, children of staff, inspectors, and other authorized persons) upon presentation of ID.

Schools shall maintain rigorous logs of all visitors accessing the school premises.

Health Requirements for Entry


All authorized persons may enter the school premises provided they do not have the following symptoms:

  • Fever (37.5 C or above) 
  • Cough
  • Body aches 
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Loss of smell or taste

Daily temperature and symptoms screening is recommended before leaving the house. Individuals who exhibit symptoms or who are feeling generally unwell are required to stay home from school and are urged to see a Doctor for assessment and possible COVID-19 testing if required.


Individuals aged 16 and above:

  • Individuals aged 16 and above who have completed 28 days following the second dose with a UAE-approved vaccine are authorized to enter the school premises upon presentation of their vaccination status on the ALHOSN app.
  • Individuals with vaccination exemptions verified on the ALHOSN app or through an official letter from SEHA, Mubadala Health or other Department of Health (DOH)-authorized providers are authorized to enter the school premises.

Children below 16 years of age:

  • Children below 16 are authorized to enter the school premises without vaccination.
  • Students turning 16 years of age from 11 July 2021 onwards will have to get the first dose of a UAE-approved vaccine within 4 weeks from the day they turn 16 and adhere to completing their vaccination journey in a timely manner. Vaccination status shall be verified on the ALHOSN app or through an official letter from SEHA, Mubadala Health or other DOH-authorized providers.

The requirement applies to everyone accessing the school premises (including staff, students, visitors, contractors, and inspectors). 

The requirement is applicable at all times, including during non-operational school hours and holidays.

Failure to adhere to vaccination timelines will result in suspended entry to the school premises.


Routine PCR-Testing for Staff and Students

  • Staff and students shall undergo routine PCR testing as per the latest guidelines.
  • Guidance on details such as age eligibility, testing frequency, test types, schedules, and locations will be communicated with schools closer to the start of the academic year.

PCR-Testing for Visitors

All visitors aged 12 and above shall show proof of a negative PCR test with a 96-hour validity:

  • If visitors are between age 12 and 15, they must present a proof of negative PCR test (valid for 96 hours).
  • If visitors are 16 and above, they must be vaccinated and show proof of negative PCR test result (valid for 96 hours).

Health requirements are subject to change based on the latest guidelines from relevant authorities. ADEK will communicate these changes to schools via circulars.

Additional Entry Requirements for Contract Staff

Contract staff shall also meet all the health requirements and conditions for schools in addition to those relating to their sector as determined by the relevant authorities. 

If a contract staff tests positive, has been identified as a close contact, or is a suspected case, they are not permitted to enter school premises, and the school must be informed as soon as possible.

Schools shall keep daily logs of contract staff attendance and temperature scan results.

Schools shall ensure that the activity is supervised (with precautionary measures in place) and conducted after school hours. If an emergency requires the intervention during school hours, schools shall ensure that neither employees nor students are present in the vicinity.

Appropriate cleaning and disinfection must be carried out following the completion of the activity.