Staff and Student Wellbeing

Staff and Student Wellbeing

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Schools shall review their existing child protection and safeguarding policies to include any additional risks as identified as part of their risk assessment.

Schools shall develop resources and awareness campaigns to teach students on how to identify cyberbullying (whether as a victim or perpetuator) and mechanisms to protect oneself from being bullied/bullying further.

Teachers have an important role in supporting the wellbeing of students who are distance learning. Schools shall thus offer resources and opportunities to learn about teachers’ own wellbeing, child protection and safeguarding, identifying students’ social emotional needs, and supporting students with strategies to cope with the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic.

Schools shall have in place policies/procedures for online participation/communication and safe usage of available technology and disseminate them with parents, students, and staff.

Schools are required to have processes and procedures in place to immediately report and respond to any detected technology misuse and/or inappropriate behavior during sessions.

Schools are mandated reporters of child maltreatment and shall report any suspected and/or confirmed cases of child maltreatment at home or school to the Ministry of Interior – Child Protection Centre:,

Students of Determination may be at increased vulnerability to online harassment and exploitation. Students of Determination must receive training and the appropriate resources to support their online safety. Parents of Students of Determination should also be supported to be alert to instances of harassment and concerns over online safety. All reports of online harassment must be reported to the school immediately and dealt with as appropriate.