Safe Operations

Safe Operations


Resumption of Operations

Latest Updates: 14 January 2021

  • COVID-19 Testing: Verify that all staff and students (who require testing) have undergone COVID-19 Testing.

Timeline for Resuming Operations

All private schools in Abu Dhabi shall prepare to resume operations as per their published Academic Calendar for 2020/21. 

Criteria for Reopening Schools

Schools shall establish a COVID-19 Taskforce composed of the Response Team (see Setting Up a Response Team with Defined Roles in the School under Incident Management and Emergency Readiness) as well as relevant departments within the school (student affairs, human resources, academic affairs, community outreach, etc.).

The school’s COVID-19 Taskforce shall ensure the following is completed prior to reopening (detailed requirements are available in the relevant sections below):

  • Conduct a general Risk Assessment for reopening which is specific to the school (see Appendix 1: General Risk Assessment).
  • Conduct individual Risk Assessments for all Students of Determination (see Appendix 2: PoD Risk Assessment).
  • Ensure that all school and staff licenses and insurances are valid and up to date.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the premises.
  • Map circulation of transition areas.
  • Placement of signs, demarcations, off-limit areas.
  • Installation of safety equipment and ensuring stockage of materials.
  • Preparation of all spaces according to the relevant protocols.
  • [updated on 14 January 2021]
    Verify that all staff and students (who require testing) have undergone COVID-19 Testing. 

Schools are not required to submit their reopening plans to ADEK. However, ADEK will verify adherence to the reopening requirements through a compliance process.