Community Support

Community Support


Instructional Interventions

Arrangements to Meet the Needs of all Learners

As the range of special educational needs and disabilities is immensely diverse and unique to individuals, schools shall make the necessary arrangements to provide equitable access to Students of Determination based on their knowledge of the child, the accommodation available, the expertise of staff and their ability to meet the guidance outlined in Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines.

ADEK expects schools to demonstrate their best endeavors to meet the needs of Students of Determination to be educated alongside their peers. Additional resources, training, adapted timetables or groupings may be required but wherever possible these should be provided to avoid discrimination.

Schools shall develop a Risk Assessment and IEP for every Student of Determination, whose education requires a highly personalized approach, in order to ensure equity of education provision. 


Summer School/Summer Camp

Schools are not allowed to offer face-to-face summer camp this year (i.e. between July 2020 to September 2020). However, schools are welcome to organize summer camps online.