Community Support

Community Support


Financial Considerations

Guidance on Fee Collection for the Academic Year 2020/2021

Schools shall charge tuition as per the ADEK approved fees for the 2020/2021 academic year in accordance with Policy 39 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-2015.

Full tuition will apply to all students regardless of the mode of attendance and reopening model chosen by the school.


Financial Supports for Students Impacted Adversely by COVID-19 Related Layoffs or Financial Losses

As essential pillars of the society, schools are encouraged to find financial resources that they can devote to students in need to continue their education and avoid further social-emotional upheaval. 

Schools are encouraged to develop financial aid schemes for students in need such as fee discounts, deferral of payments, splitting term fee into monthly installments, etc.


Policy on School Leaving and Transfers

Despite these arrangements, students may still consider leaving school for a host of reasons.

Schools shall keep records of students that have left school, along with the reason for leaving school, and the new school (in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere) where the student intends to enroll.

Schools shall follow the transfer procedure as per Policy 44 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-15 in the case of children leaving their school.